Personalised Cupcakes Set

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Rare opportunity to acquire a set of domain names suitable for purchase by any business making or supplying personalised cupcakes.

Value of purchasing this unique set of Domain Name:

  • Huge Market Opportunity – average 9,000 monthly searches for “personalised cupcakes” in Google (Source Google Keyword Planner Tool)
  • Easy to Remember
  • There are many businesses using the term Personalised Cupcakes in their branding. Owning this set of domain names will put your business at the forefront
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  • The domain name set should be seen as an investment and will grow in value, much like property/real estate

Google Trends

This graph below shows the search trend pattern for Personalised Cupcakes over a 12 month period:

google search trend for personalised cupcakes

If your business is Personalised Cupcakes, then these domain names are perfect for your business. Even if you have an existing website, purchasing these domain names will help prevent your competition from doing so.

How Do I Purchase These Domain Names?

Purchasing these domain names is simple:

  1. Make an offer using the form below
  2. Once a price has been agreed, we will issue you with an invoice.Each invoice will have our bank details on (payment can also be made by Escrow but the buyer is responsible for all fees associated with this method).
  3. On receipt of cleared funds, we begin the transfer process via the UK domain name registry, Nominet.
  4. A transfer email will be sent to your email address. Simply click the link, enter your details and once complete, Nominet will transfer the legal ownership of the domain names to you.

Buying These Domain Names

We are inviting offers for this set of domain names, please use the form below to express your interest.

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